Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Rube Goldberg says, "Beat It!"

As part of our 'Secret History of Comics,' here's a Mutt and Jeff Series Sweet Caporal cigarettes card that I picked up last weekend at a flea market. Although the back of the card says over 250 designs of "Original Pictures Illustrating Popular Phrases by 'Bud' Fisher, T.E. Powers, R.L. Goldberg, 'Tad', Gus Mager, etc., etc., Warman's Tobacco Collectibles: An Identification and Price Guide by Mark Moran, says that there's 100 cards. 

I don't see myself getting into collecting these, but I'd like to hear about other examples that people have.

Oddly enough, Goldberg's crazy designs for machines are making a comeback and you can buy toys with his name on in Target right now.




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