Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Keith Knight Kickstarter campaign

Keith is one of my favorite cartoonists - his strip Knight Life appears in the Post on Sundays and he's a regular at SPX. I've just signed up.

              Knight Life & K Chronicles cartoonist

Keith Knight Launches Kickstarter campaign



Los Angeles, CA/March 7 , 2012- Award-winning cartoonist Keith Knight (the Knight Life, the K Chronicles, (th)ink), has launched a Kickstarter  campaign for his first graphic novel, I Was A Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator. 


The book will chronicle Knight's high school senior year and college freshman year, when he performed as a Michael Jackson impersonator (circa 1984 and '85).

"It was the best paying gig I ever had, " says the semi-famous cartoonist.

Knight estimates it will take two years to complete the graphic novel and has 30 days to raise the funds on Kickstarter, a website devoted to the public providing financial support of art projects.  If the final tally comes up a dollar short of the funds requested, it all goes back to the donors.

The Harvey and Glyph award winner notes that there are some interesting rewards for backers, "Including a phone call from my evil twin sister."

Knight draws three different comic strips: the autobiographical K Chronicles, the socio-political single panel,  (th)ink, and the syndicated daily strip, the Knight Life.  His work can be found in the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Herald, Daily KOS, Funny Times, MAD Magazine and more.  He won the 2010 Comic Con Inkpot Award for career achievement in the field of comic strips.

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