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March 7, 2012
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New Comic Book titles this week 3-14-12


Best Discounts in the area--Not just a slogan, we really do have the best price discounts!

Avengers Assember #1

Comic of the Week

Avengers Assemble #1


 The Avengers Versus The *Brand-New* Zodiac! * One Of The Greatest Avengers Villains Of All Time Gets Reinvented For The Modern Age Just In Time For The Blockbuster Movie Event Of The Summer! * A Perfect Jumping-On Point Featuring The Cast Of The Summer Blockbuster But In Marvel Universe Continuity! 


Artifacts #15

Avengers #24

Avengers Assemble #1

Batgirl #7

Batman And Robin #7

Battle Scars #5

Batwoman #7

Blue Estate #10

Buffy TVS Season 9 #7

Buckaroo Banzai #1

Captain America #9

Carnage USA #4

Charmed #19

Comeback Kings #2

Comic Shop News #1291

Conan The Barbarian #2

Crossed Badlands #1

Daken Dark Wolverine #22

Dark Matter #3

Dark Shadows #4

Deadpool #50 2nd Ptg

Deathstroke #7

Demon Knights #7

Doctor Who Ongoing Vol 2 #15

Elric The Balance Lost #9

Exile On The Planet Of The Apes #1

Fantastic Four #604

Fathom Kiani Vol 2 #0

Frankenstein Agent Of Shade #7

GFT Presents Neverland Hook #4

Glory #24

Godzilla Legends #5 (L)

Green Lantern #7

Grifter #7

Grimm Fairy Tales #68

Incredible Hulk #6

Infestation 2 Gi Joe #1

Journey Into Mystery #635

Knights Of The Dinner Table #184

Legion Lost #7

Lobster Johnson The Burning Hand #3

Locke & Key Clockworks #5

Man O War (William Shatner) #1

Misadventures Of Adam West #2

Mister Terrific #7

Mouse Guard Black Axe #4

My Greatest Adventure #6 (L)

Nancy In Hell On Earth #2

Ninjettes #2

Northanger Abbey #5 (L)

Northlanders #49

Orchid #5

Peter Panzerfaust #2

Powers #9

Punisher #9

Ray #4 (L)

Resurrection Man #7

Saga #1

Saucer Country #1

Savage Sword (Robert E Howard) #4

Scarlet Spider #3

Secret History Of DB Cooper #1

Shade #6

Sherlock Holmes Victorian Knights #2

Star Wars Agent O/T Empire Iron Eclipse #4

Star Wars Dawn/Jedi Force Storm #0 2d Pt

Star Wars Knights/Old Republic War #3

Strain #4

Suicide Squad #7

Superboy #7

Thief Of Thieves #1 2nd Ptg

Thief Of Thieves #2

Transformers More Than Meets Eye #3

Ultimate Comics X-Men #9

Unwritten #35

War Goddess #6

Warlord Of Mars #16

Wasteland #35

Wolverine And X-Men #7

X-23 #21

X-Men Legacy #263



Adventure Time #2

Mega Man #11

Simpsons Comics #188

Super Heroes #24



Astonishing Thor TPB

Avengers Korvac Saga TPB

Intrepid Escapegoat TPB

Northlanders TPB 6 Thors Daughter

Womanthology: Heroic HC

X-Men Season One Prem HC



Dc Heroes Wave 20 SinCorps Sinestro AF

Marvel Universe 6" AF Asst 201202




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Launch Party
Avengers vs. X-Men 


 A vs X


Put this date in your calendar:


April 3rd, 2012


Game On! Comics Store


We will officially be selling the new Avengers vs. X-Men one day early.


We will be having lots of itmes that will be raffled off!  I promise you will not want to miss this!


Join us for FREE giveaways, games, and snacks as we welcome in the most hyped comic of the year.  What side are you on??  Marvel comics made our store pick a side and we chose.........the AVENGERS!


More details to come for Game On! Comics first big event for 2012! 



Game Nights 


Tuesday Nights 7pm-11pm----ON HOLD

D and D

We may change our D&D night to Saturday.  If you have mentioned that you are interested in playing then look to get an additional email this week.  C


Come play D&D at the store.  We are currently ready to start a new campaign for 1st level characters.  If you have never played before this is your time to start.  Because each story has limited space you must email us and let us know that you would like to join.  We will be starting with just 6 people.


WE ONLY NEED 2 more PLAYERS to start!!  If you are interested please email me because we are very close to starting.




Wednesday Nights 7-9pm

Magic the Gathering



Come in tonight for casual play.


Friday Nights 7-9pm

Hulk Heroclix 


















Heroclix at Game On! Comics this Friday, March 16th, celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Build an 800 point force, all characters must have green in their costumes or have green skin. Limit one Hulk and one Green Lantern per team. Silver Age rules, all figures are allowed, no Feats, BFC's, or Colossals (Sorry, Foom!) and special St Patty's Day rule announced at the beginning of the tournament. As always, there will be figures available to borrow to fill out your team if needed.


Congrats to last weeks winners:








Saturday nights 7pm-??
Board and Card Games




NoVA Jacks night from 7pm to LATE NIGHT!  We have about 20-30 people that come in to play board and card games.  You can come and bring your own game or join one of the other games.  We often preview the newest games that come out. 



Last weeks winners:







-Belfort:  Brian H.
-Carcassonne:  Leslee
-Core Worlds:  Brian H.
-Dominant Species:  This one was a trial learning game
-Merchant of Venus:  Still going when I left at 1:45am 
-Metropolis:  Patrick
-Power Grid:  Leslee
-Ra:  Leslee
-Railroad Tycoon:  Adam
-Ticket to Ride:  Leslee
-TransAmerica:  Patrick 













COMIC Review



This is a Romeo and Juliet/Sci-Fi/Star Wars/Fantasy!
Ok, I know that sounds confusing.  But this comic is set in a Star Wars-like world with a war going on in the background.  It starts with the birth of a baby amidst the fact that the mom and dad are wanted criminals. 

This first issue can be a little confusing though because they are introducing all of the characters and the worlds involved.  I would assume that as the issues go on everything will come into perspective. 


Brian Vaughn, the artist, is known for Y the Last Man.  Fiona Staples, the writer, does a great job in that while the story is being told there is some background text that is from the baby's perspective. 


I personally do not normally like Sci-Fi comics but I will continue to reading this series because of the character development that the first issue brought. 


I would recommend this comic!


Lastly, this comic is for mature readers as it does contain adult language and nudity.-----Louis


Thank you so much for your support of our new comic and game shop.  We look forward to taking care of all of your comic and game needs.

Dave, J.R., and Louis
Game On! Comics



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