Saturday, September 18, 2010

Joe Sutliff's Ark design

Local cartoonist Joe Sutliff has also been a furniture designer, and
is now designing an Ark for his family's Temple. We chatted at SPX and Joe sent me his design, noting, "Here's what it's gonna be - based on Exodus - a Burning Bush stained glass in the face of a Torah table, with a Moses and staff image made out of cut steel, that has added copper and brass elements (guess who gets to do that part?). I will also probably have to do the Hebrew lettering over the doors. Growing up Spanish Catholic, that urge to do something for a church is pretty strong. I'm planning on doing a limited edition woodblock print of the door art as a fundraiser for the temple."

Pretty cool, huh? Joe, let us know when the woodblock is out.

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