Sunday, November 29, 2009

SL (Shannon) Gallant, comic book artist, now in DC

SL (Shannon) Gallant has written in to introduce himself, and look for fellow artists. I've got to say that I've never bought GI Joe in my life (although I liked the small comics they used to package in their toy sets in the 1960s), but now I'll be picking it up

I'm a comic artist-illustrator living in DC and currently working for IDW on G.I. Joe. I've also worked for DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, and Titan UK in the past on titles ranging from Marvel Adventures:The Avengers and Torchwood to more cartoon oriented work such as Shrek and Monsters vs Aliens.

The last few months I've been making the effort to create connections with other artists in the area, through DC Conspiracy and other groups. I was hoping you might know similar professionals in the region I should try to get in touch with who are less likely to participate in such outings?

So if you're a comic book professional in the area, feel free to post below. Send me news of your current and upcoming projects and I'll promote them as well. I know my co-author Randy's compiled a list of local people at one point - does he still have that?

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Randy said...

Randy's list is not something he specifically keeps up to date -- it's more of a by-product of information he already had. :-P

Shannon should socialize with the local comics folks (store owners, show runners, dealers at the shows) to bleed into the local comics pros, although to the best of my knowledge, they're not specifically sociable with each other (directly). I can't say I've ever heard mention of Pop Mhan meeting up with Frank Cho, Steve Conley, and Jo Chen to catch a flick or play billiards...The DC Comics Conspiracy is probably the best source of comics networking in the area.