Monday, November 30, 2009

'Improved' Express cuts most comics UPDATED

The Washington Post's free Express paper was improved over the holiday and that means they cut 3 of the 5 comic strips they ran. Out are Bizarro by Dan Piraro, Cornered by Mike Baldwin, and The Duplex by Glenn McCoy. Remaining are Pearls Before Swine (which also appears in the Post) and Pooch Cafe, now in color.

Should you wish to question this improvement, you can write to

I will be doing so in a few minutes.

UPDATE: The editor wrote back to me to say, "We might feature fewer comics in our print edition now, but we've added an expanded comics section in an easy-access, newspaper-style format at our Web site, You'll find Bizarro, Cornered and The Duplex there every day - plus a slew of new comics to make a visit worth your time. Those include Lio, Non Sequitur, The Argyle Sweater, Bound and Gagged, Candorville, Cul de Sac and the New Adventures of Queen Victoria. You can find them here:"

While I obviously don't agree with him, I appreciate the fact that he took the time to respond. I've just sent him a response which includes, "We'll have to agree to disagree though because if it's a commuting newspaper, then putting the comics online doesn't really help anyone except those with overly-smart phones. Besides the Post does that already. In the end, I just don't see providing less of something as a way to bring in more readers."


C. A. Dembicki said...

It's pretty laughable to have the header "Comics" and have two comics strips below it. Honestly, might as well just cut them out entirely; it just looks silly.

Unknown said...

Well my problem is that the three they took out (Duplex, Cornered, and Bizzaro) were the three best. Not to knock the other two, but they just weren't as funny and succint.

So I don't really get it either. I usually didn't read Pooch Cafe or Pearls Before now I don't even flip to the "comics" section.