Monday, November 02, 2009

KAL Creates 2010 Wall Calendar for The Economist

Kal writes in:
I am delighted to announce the publication of The Economist's first ever fully illustrated wall calendar. Here's how The Economist describes the 2010 "Illustrated Look at the Year Ahead":

Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher, The Economist's editorial cartoonist since 1978, takes you on an entertaining journey through the world's most celebrated (and occasionally obscure) global events, milestones and holidays. 
Each of the 12 monthly spreads provides a visual feast of original, hand-drawn artwork that brings to life the events of the current month and combines them into a hilarious interconnected story.

You can view the cover artwork with the attached image...or visit for more pictures and information on how to order the calendar at my online bookstore.



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