Saturday, September 26, 2009

SPX the first day

100_8133 SPX crowd inc Jeff AlexanderSpx crowd scene including Jeff Alexander

Some quick notes that are essentally stream of conciousness. Richard was under the weather and didn't come. My photos are here.
100_8120 Carol TylerCarol Tyler

The show appears to be a success with good, but not overwhelming crowds. I bought a lot from Fanfare and Fantagraphics. Gahan Wilson and Carol Tyler both had shorter lines that I expected. The big draw at the show, based solely on line length, appears to be Kate Beaton.

100_8126 Gahan WilsonGary Groth

Gahan Wilson is a born storyteller and his off the cuff talk (now online!) was very fun to hear, if not overly insightful. Look for the 3-volume set of Playboy cartoons coming from Fantagraphics, which has an interview and a biography by Gary Groth. Pre-orders at the show get a signed print and free shipping.

100_8124 Gahan Wilson and Gary GrothGahan Wilson and Gary Groth

Frank Camusso has a new Knights of the Lunch Table, his retelling of King Arthur. My daughter said Oh boy! when I brought it home tonight. Emily Flake, whose work appears in the Baltimore City Paper has a new collection as does Rob Ullman whose work used to appear in the Washington CP. I bought both.

100_8128 Emily Flake and Warren BernardEmily Flake and Warren Bernard

Some of the usual suspects are missing this year including Batton Lash and Jackie Estrada. Cartoonists with Attitude is not there, except Ted Rall and Stephanie McMillan are holding down an NBM table. Ted's got a new graphic biography and Stephanie a new comic.

100_8132 R SikoryakR. Sikoryak

James Kochalka is hanging out at the Top Shelf table as is Matt Kindt and Andy Runton. R Sikoryak is at Drawn and Quarterly and will draw Little Nemo in your book.

100_8136 David MalkiDavid Malki

Dustin Harbin has a new book out and is holding my IOU for $47. He'll draw Alan Moore in a sketchbook if you ask him to.

100_8139 Dustin HarbinDustin Harbin

Peter Kuper's got a new book out on his experiences living in Mexico. His publisher is in the far left corner as you face into the room.

100_8137 Peter KuperPeter Kuper

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