Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fantom Comics launches at Pentagon City!

Matthew Klokel has written in with some exciting news about Fantom Comics. Arlington will have a comic book store again.

He writes,

Fantom Comics was approached late August by the Pentagon City Mall about taking on a lease in their shopping center (their rep saw our Union Station shop and liked it).

·We’d had no immediate plans to open up another store, as Union Station is making record profits and we were taking the time to implement our new online ordering system, but a shot at Pentagon City was too cool to pass up.

·After several weeks of running the numbers and negotiating the lease, I signed the lease today.

·We’re scheduled to open on the 3rd floor of the Pentagon City Mall (next to the entrance to Nordstrom) on October 1st.

I've been going to Big Planet for 23 years and they treat me well, so I'm afraid I'm not going to switch stores, but I'll make a point of stopping in. Fantom definitely has a good store and good stock and I'm glad to see them sticking around. I find something to buy every time I go in.

I used to shop at Collector's Comic Shop in Paramus, NJ at a store in the Bergen Mall there since they opened in 1978. The whole family would go to the Mall on Friday nights, deposit Dad's check, have some dinner, walk around. Another mall, the Garden State Plaza, is now a megamall, but at the time they had a local bookstore that handled fanzines, and books like the Shadow (covered by Jim Steranko) and comics. Malls have gotten too homogeneous and need comics stores, I declare.

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