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The Pure and Hidden Truth Comic Press Release

The following is a press release for a web comic called "The Pure and Hidden Truth,"produced in Maryland and can be viewed at  



Cisco Davis Jr. is a 23 year old, alien fearing, creator of a science-fiction/ fantasy comic with vampires, werewolves, Men in Black, ghosts, and genetic mutants galore.   Based in Glen Burnie, MD, a movie is also in the works.


Glen Burnie, MD  June 30, 2009-- Launched in October of 2008, Cisco Davis Jr. is on a mission to reveal The Pure and Hidden Truth to the masses.  The Pure and Hidden Truth is a science-fiction photographic web comic ( that follows Art Friedman and Jillian Murphy, two down on their luck paranormal  investigators with supernatural powers of their own.  The duo's adventures are chronicled every week as they are thrown into a series of calculated coincidences leading to the greatest discovery in human history:  The Truth.


The Truth involves a wacky list of characters including crash-prone aliens, a sexy vampire slayer, a pessimistic werewolf, and evil-morphing Men in Black agents.  There are only a handful of  photo-comics  in the world that use actual actors  to play  the characters of the story.  The Pure and Hidden Truth is a true pioneer in the photo-comic genre.


The Pure and Hidden Truth is produced in Glen Burnie, MD and features a traditional long-form and full-page comic style , using actual photographs that have been stylistically altered to give the comic a distinctive look and feel.  The online comic is broken down into a basic three act structure and is updated every Friday and the first Monday of the month to keep readers on their toes. 


While growing up, Cisco Davis Jr. was deathly afraid of aliens and the paranormal.  After his mother's death last year and an alleged alien sighting near his home, Cisco was prompted to start a project that would help overcome his fearful emotions and create a free, fun, entertaining experience for anyone with access to the internet.  With a vivid imagination and a flair for writing, Cisco wrote a script and gathered a cast of local actors to bring his epic adventure to life.  The Pure and Hidden Truth Radio Show was also created to tie-in with the story.


To celebrate The Pure and Hidden Truth's one year anniversary, a movie basic on the comic will be released this October.  The movie is currently in production in Maryland.




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