Thursday, July 09, 2009

Politics and Prose featured children's book is by an animator

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If you've played all your board games, read all your comic books, painted pictures, baked cookies, and played every sport invented, you'll know how Frankie and Sal feel when they proclaim, "LET'S DO NOTHING!" (Candlewick, $16.99).  But doing nothing—not moving—isn't as easy as the boys thought.  Frankie's imagination always seems to get the better of him: pigeons land on Frankie when he's a statue in the park; when Frankie is a redwood, Sal's dog comes by and relieves himself.  Frankie just can't keep still.  Then Sal realizes something about the nature of doing nothing.  Feature film animator Tony Fucile captures the essence of childhood boredom and creativity in this entertaining first picture book.  Ages 4-7 • Heidi Powell

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