Friday, July 24, 2009

Annual Comics Issue of A.V. Club in The Onion

This year's edition of A.V. Club's Comics Issue in The Onion contains three features: Reinventing the Pencil: 4 Artists Who Changed Mainstream Comics (For Better or Worse); Interview with Michael Kupperman; and an Interview with Grant Morrison. The website's contents are more thorough, and additionally have features worth checking out like Seth on Classic Cartoonists and Illustrators, an Interview with Steve Bissette, Gateway to Geekery: Love and Rockets, and Recommended First Comics.

The 4 Artists feature is arguably accurate as well as insightful. It provides background on each of the creators and why they're worth mentioning. The Kupperman interview is interesting, though doesn't tickle the funny bone the way Tales Designed to Thrizzle does (if you have not read this, do yourself the favor). The Morrison interview does a good job of providing insight into some of the more controversial issues surrounding his work, his approach to working, and where he'd like to go next creatively.

Last year, they featured Bendis. This year, Morrison. Perhaps next year, Brian K. Vaughn?

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