Friday, July 27, 2007

Superman lawsuit documents for sale

See "Comic-Con: Superman History Offered", Scoop, Friday, July 27, 2007 as they report A collection of documents pertaining to the initial 1947 litigation between Superman's two creators, Jerry Siegel and Joseph Shuster, and their publisher, National Periodical Publications, that is now being offered for sale by is run by Mark Zaid who lives outside of DC. I'm not quite sure what makes these worth anything though as they appear to be printed from microfilm -- which should be available to anyone who goes to the archives that the records are deposited in.

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Mark S. Zaid, Esq. said...

Actually the documents are not printed from microfilm. The majority of them are vintage copies from 1947 and earlier.

As far as is known, the documents no longer exist. The courthouse copies were destroyed long ago and if DC Comics has copies, don't expect those to surface anytime soon!

There are also some original signed documents from Wayne Boring and Joe Shuster.

Finally, the legal briefs that survived are also originals, i.e., carbon copies made at the time.

Those that deal with antiquated documents will explain that while these may not all be worth the same as the "originals" were those to exist, they are just a step down. And because the originals don't exist, they might as well be originals.

If anyone is interested in further information, just e-mail me at

Mark S. Zaid, Esq.