Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cartoonists with Attitude booksigning report

A couple of days ago, Matt Bors was commissioned to do a full-page drawing for "Drawing Blood: Cartoonists With Attitude" by Scott Rosenberg, Express July 5, 2007. I found out from Scott when I ran into him at the event that this interview with Tom the Dancing Bug cartoonist Ruben Bolling was online even though I couldn't find it. So here's the article. The event was well-attended - standing room only as I got there late having driven (duh) to the wrong downtown Borders. The gang loosely led by Ted Rall each showed three or four of their cartoons, sans microphone, and then took questions and signed books. I think I head the Borders rep say 150 people were there. I spotted local cartoonists Richard Thompson and Jason Rodriguez (whose Postcards book is coming out soon), Scott, cIndy blogger Chris Shields, SPX organizer Warren Bernard and OSU Comic curator Jenny Robb. I bought all the books I hadn't by the group and if I wasn't so tired, I'd list them for you. And yes, I got them all signed.

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