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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Al Hirschfeld artwork on new stamp

Today's Washington Post reports that Al Hirschfeld's artwork will be featured on a stamp again - "First- Class Act: The Postal Service Puts Black Film History In a Starring Role," Sunday, July 20, 2008; Page M06. The article says:

The last stamp is the work of the famed Al Hirschfeld for "Hallelujah," a 1929 film made by MGM with an all-black cast and directed by King Vidor. Nina Mae McKinney, another talented beauty who was known as "the Black Garbo," was a co-star. The film itself has been debated for years for including both the reality of rural life and stereotypes. The poster shows a stylized flapper raising her yellow-gloved arms.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Other countries have cartoon stamps too

Here's the stamps from a package a French friend sent with Tintin and other cartoon stamps. Unfortunately, when I mailed a package in return to him, the clerk didn't hear when I asked for $36 worth of stamps and instead gave me a printed postage label.

Material like this will appear on my new Cartoonphilately blog.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cartoons from Stamp Wholesaler

My friend Warren noted that I've got Cartoonphilately, a Yahoo group on cartoonists and stamps and sent this, "Attached are two scans that somewhat reverses the whole concept. Amazingly enough, a cartoon book about stamp collecting. I scanned the centerfold so you can get an idea of the cartoons inside. Its 72 pages of cartoons that was published in 1951."

Warren is fond of noting that there's a whole secret history of cartoons contained in magazines like this Stamp Wholesaler. I think he's absolutely correct, and we could use in the US a biographical dictionary of cartoonists like has been done for the UK.