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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Three comic postcards

I found three comic postcards of interest over the weekend. We saw another postcard from this series last year -

Jeff - Oysters Rockefeller postcard
Oysters Rockefeller postcard by Canadian cartoonist Jeff for the Hilton of Canada in the 1960s. Anybody know anything about Jeff? I find it a little weird that I've found two of these cartoons in DC.

We also saw another one from this 1907 4th of July / Independence Day series by Gene Carr-
Carr - King postcard

British cartoonist Tom Browne's "Joys of the Ocean" postcard is new though. I'm not sure what the sailor's words mean.
Browne - Joys of the Ocean postcard

The British National Archives apparently had an exhibit that included some of these postcards.