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Friday, February 10, 2017

Feb 18: Gordon Harris and Dust Elves in Baltimore

February 10 , 2017

Bmore Into Comics NEXT Saturday

Gordon will be tabling at Bmore Into Comics next Saturday, February 18. That's Bmore as in Baltimore. It's casual. It's intimate. It's free. Come on by.
And in case you forgot, his four-part mini-comic series is now complete. Next step: Trade Paperback.
Here's a glimpse into the final chapter of The Secret Origin of the Dust Elves.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Free Dust Elves Ashcan Comic

February 28, 2014
Free DUST ELVES Ashcan Comic
Gordon will be giving away ASHCAN copies of the next issue of THE SECRET ORIGIN OF THE DUSTELVES at the SMUDGE COMIC ARTS EXPO next Saturday, March 8th.
That’s right, he’ll be GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE. But before you get all excited and send that soda out your nose, you might want to see what an ASHCAN is.
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