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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meet a Local Comics Writer: A Chat with Davy Shian

I noticed an different-looking comic on the counter of Big Planet Comics Bethesda this fall. When I asked about it, it turns out it was written by a man working in the florist shop around the corner. I made it over there a couple of weeks later and met Davy Shian, the author of Cicada: Exotic Views. He kindly answered my interview questions.

ComicsDC: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do? Or rather, why did you decide to write a comic book?

Davy Shian: I love cicadas. When I learned that so many Americans had misgivings on cicadas, I decided to write something about the cicadas that would help them see the beauty and wonder in the little bugs. I’ve chosen a cartoon format to keep it light and humorous. If I can’t change people’s views, I hope I would at least entertain them. In addition, I would like to use the opportunity to show some differences in cultures, and show that people see things differently.

How do you do it? Traditional pen and ink, computer or a combination?

I did not do the drawing because I was not trained for it. I gave the opportunity to an art student in China* and let her show what she could do. I used PowerPoint and email to communicate what I would like to show and the student would draw based on it.  

When (within a decade is fine) and where were you born? 
I was born in Taiwan in 1953. 

Why are you in Washington now?  What neighborhood or area do you live in?

I came to the D.C. area in 1967 and lived in Montgomery County since 1968.

What is your training and/or education in cartooning?
I had no training in arts. I majored in Computer Science. I had a strong background in Quality and Project Management. I used my Project Management skill in creating this book.

Who are your influences?
No one in particular influenced me. It was the ordinary people around me that influenced me. I like to watch people around me.

If you could, what in your career would you do-over or change?
I liked my career and there was no thought of changing it.

What work are you best-known for?
My only book so far is “Cicada: Exotic Views.”

What work are you most proud of?
My programming work for the “bubble chart,”  My program instructed the computer to draw a computer network chart based on the network configuration. My other accompishment was my Quality Management duty that got my company to obtain the ISO9001 certification.

What would you like to do  or work on in the future?
I am thinking of producing another comic book.  It will not be based on drawing though; it will be based on photos. This time the subject will be more interesting; it is about a baby.  I would love to find a partner to produce this book.

What do you do when you're in a rut or have writer's block?

I spent most of time doing things my wife asked me to do, like cleaning the house.
What do you think will be the future of your field?

My wife has a flower shop, and I will do what ever she wants me to do there.

What's your favorite thing about DC?

I like the weather in DC and seeing different cultures in DC.

Least favorite?

I do not like the traffic, and not finding a parking space.

What monument or museum do you like to take visitors to?

Every time when friends and relatives visited, I became a tour guide.   I would take them to all monuments and museums so that they could take all the photos they could and said “being there”.

How about a favorite local restaurant?

My wife loves to try on different restaurants, and I just follow her.  I love basic Chinese food and American food.

Do you have a website or blog?

I have a website on my cicada book.  It is

*CORRECTION: The student that did the artwork was previously misidentified as being from Taiwan; she is from China. ComicsDC regrets the error.