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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brad Meltzer novel

Brad Meltzer, a recovering Big Planet customer* and real sweetheart of a best-selling author, should be known to us as the writer of DC's "Identity Crisis" and the new "Justice League of America." Oddly enough he also dabbles in prose and has sent out the following info (I hear this book has an ad for the JLA in the back of it):

Is there a new book out? I wish -- but I'm way too slow for that (darn research and character development). But today, The Book of Fate comes out in paperback (Smaller! Cheaper! Teenier font!) and if I didn't tell my family and friends about it, then my Uncle Richie would give me major headache since he still refuses to pay full price for the hardback. No joke. And I even put his name in this one.

So...if you missed the hardback, or want to buy someone a really cheap (but thoughtful and generous) present, boy, is this one for you.

It's got a main character that may be my favorite I've ever written, former Presidents, and Freemasons.

To buy it, here's the link:

And if you want to see the new covers on all the other books (with lots of little men looking mysterious as they run nowhere in particular), they're here:

And of course, thanks again -- especially those who were so amazing and bought the hardback those first days (not you, Uncle Rich). That means more than I can ever possibly express.

*he moved to Florida