Friday, August 30, 2019

Sept 26-27: Ta-Nehisi Coates - THE WATER DANCER Book Tour

Ta-Nehisi Coates - THE WATER DANCER Book Tour

Night 1 on 9/26 moderated by Michele Norris
Night 2 on 9/27 moderated by Ibram X. Kendi

Politics and Prose is honored to host Ta-Nehisi Coates for an event for his debut novel, The Water Dancer, a bracingly original vision of the world of slavery, written with the narrative force of a great adventure. Driven by Coates' bold imagination and striking ability to bring readers deep into the interior lives of his brilliantly rendered characters, this is the story of America's oldest struggle—the struggle to tell the truth—from one of our most exciting thinkers and beautiful writers of our time.

Coates, one of America's most important voices on race, changed the national dialogue with Between the World and Me, winner of the National Book Award in 2015 and a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize. Now, The Water Dancer adds to the conversation in a whole new way: with a story of an atrocity inflicted on generations of women, men, and children—the violent and capricious separation of families—and the war they waged to simply make lives with the people they loved. This book is a propulsive, transcendent work that restores the humanity of those from whom everything was stolen.

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