Thursday, August 29, 2019

August 16th Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Sorry About The Airport"

I got a bit behind on posting these, and will catch up through out the day.

"Sorry About The Airport"

If the fact that this and the previous "revolution" in Hong Kong have 
been backed by the National Endowment for Democracy and "Freedom 
House", and the fact that current "pro-democracy" leaders have been 
peeped meeting with US Consulate officials, and the fact that the mob 
in Hong Kong have been spotted waving US flags and singing 
"Star-Spangled Banner" – not to mention that most of the signs are in 
English – perhaps the fact that the Hong Kong "revolutionaries" are 
getting big fat shout-outs from Nikki Haley should convince you that 
the "revolution" in Hong Kong is a massive, bogus US-backed astroturf 

This past Tuesday, a mob affiliated with the "revolution" in Hong Kong 
took over the international airport and brought the chaos, confronting 
police and causing spectacular disruptions in air travel. The real 
kicker was when the "revolutionaries" spent the next day greeting 
travelers at the airport wearing symbolic eye bandages in solidarity 
with an injured comrade, holding signs apologizing for the previous 
day's havoc. That's right, apologizing. Idiots, why the hell were they 
there, then? Isn't that the whole point of protest? Hell, that sure 
was the point of getting upwards of 100,000 people into the streets of 
Seattle and Washington DC to bring the city to a standstill and 
disrupt the meetings of the WTO, IMF and World Bank. Disuption was our 
jam that day, f'crissake; we sure as hell weren't apologizing for 

Christ, man, c'mon.


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"Circulating on Chinese social media: Hong Kong protest activists 
Joshua Wong Chi-fung see meeting Julie Eadeh, political chief of US 
Consulate. Venue: JW Mariott Admiralty." Carl Zha on Twitter, 08.07.2019

"The eyes of the world see that the people of Hong Kong are not 
terrorists. They are freedom fighters. To the people of Hong Kong, we 
are praying for your safety and believe that democracy is worth 
fighting for. We hear you and we stand with you! #FreedomForHongKong", 
Nikki Haley on Twitter, 08.14.2019

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