Saturday, February 02, 2019

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Garbage In..."

From DC's anarchist cartoonist, Mike Flugennock:

"Garbage In..."

So, it's looking like the Donkeycrats have assembled their All-Star 
Team for 2020, except that they picked their All-Stars from the cellar 

Let's have a look at the lineup, shall we...? We've got a guy who was 
Bill Clinton's liar-in-chief, a sk8ter boy who couldn't beat Ted Cruz, 
a woman who's proud to have made a career out of prosecuting and 
imprisoning the poor and vulnerable, a woman who hangs with fascists 
from India, a woman who endorsed Hillary in '16 and brags about being 
a capitalist, a guy who pimped Bill Clinton's infamous crime bill in 
the '90s, a woman who co-sponsored the anti-BDS bill, a guy whose nose 
is so far up Big Pharma's ass it's a wonder he can breathe and – last 
but certainly not least – every old progressive's dream date, a guy 
who opposes BDS and who sat around silently, not saying jack about the 
bare-assed oil-grabbing right-wing coup going down in Venezuela for 
over 24 hours before inexplicably parroting Trump's lies about the 
Maduro administration.

Basically, garbage.

Fascism is running wild all over, millions are a broken ankle away 
from destitution, we're being dragged into another war in Latin 
America, the goddamn Earth is on fire, and the Democrats expect us to 
shut up and choose from garbage.

Garbage in, garbage out.

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