Monday, April 09, 2018

Editorial cartooning on ComicsDC: An Editorial

by Mike Rhode

It occurs to me that some readers might be wondering about the fact that we now have three editorial cartoonists appearing regularly here - Mike Flugennock, Bill Brown and Steve Artley.

As you would expect, all three are local cartoonists.

Steve Artley (a long-time member of the blog) is working through his archive of drawings with a long-term eye to donating them to a library, so I suggested that he share them with us as he scans them for his file.

William "Bill" Brown's work appeared in the Takoma Voice newspaper for years, and with the loss of that venue, he's publishing his work here at the moment. He's best known for his President Bill (later Citizen Bill) strips which have run for years.

Mike Flugennock identifies himself as an anarchist and has been producing political work for years, some of which one sees around town, as protest posters. He's been sharing his work with us for years now too, and I always enjoy it when I get a new one from him.

None of these people get paid by us, or reflect "our" viewpoint, and the site as a whole takes no advertising or generates any money anyway. There is no editorial work done on any cartoonist's submissions, so what you see is what they've decided to post. We, including our writers, are all here for our love of the medium.

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