Thursday, November 30, 2017

PR: Ron Wimberly's LAAB MAGAZINE Needs Your Help!

Wimberly is from the DC area... I backed this earlier today.

Hello friends!
This magazine is exploding the dangerous stereotypes of black identity, and exploring the ways that individuals can create themselves in the face of an oppresive culture. These mythologies of identity could not be more relevant in the world we find ourselves in today.
So we figured we'd drop one more line to our pals out there, asking you to consider supporting and spreading the word about this broadsheet paper from a finer Afrofuture where Black Panthers run the New York Times.
The existence of this vital publication rests in your hands.
So please, give us one last big push to get us across the finish line. We can't do it without you.
Josh O'Neill
Beehive Books
p.s. We have a TON of Ronald's original artwork up for sale. A rare opportunity to own Wimberly pieces for low prices, while helping something wonderful happen.


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