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PR: Man at Arms & Maid Cafe Reservations - Anime USA 2017 Newsletter

Anime USA is right around the corner, and I haven't been putting up too much information on it, so here's their latest newsletter.

Anime USA 2017 Newsletter, Volume 14: Man at Arms and Maid Cafe Reservations
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Anime USA 2017 Educational Guest

Man at Arms

Announcing the stars of the hit TV & Youtube series MAN AT ARMS! These bladesmiths, armourers & craftsmen bring to life fantasy arms & armor from your favorite video games, anime & pop culture!

Matt Stagmer – Host – BladesmithMatthew Stagmer
 Matt Stagmer has been   making swords for 19 years   and is the lead blade grinder   at Baltimore Knife and Sword.   In the summer of 2014 he     began hosting the hit web   series: 
MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED. Teamed with other talented craftsmen, he brings to life the most requested fantasy arms and armor from your favorite video games, anime, and other pop culture genres. In 2017 he became the host of the TV show MAN AT ARMS : The Art of War, starring alongside Danny Trejo, to make history's most devastating weapons.

Ilya AlekseyevIlya Alekseyev
Ilya Alekseyev was born in Troitsk, Russia. Since an early age, he developed a liking for the art and craftsmanship of bladed weapons. He brings his background in Art History, Asian Studies, and Philosophy to his craft. Ilya is currently an Armourer and product designer working with Baltimore Knife and Sword. Among the skills that he brings to the Man at Arms project are his expertise in armor, Damascus steel, bloomery steel, and engraving.

Bill Collison Bill Collison
 Bill Collison has been working   with Baltimore Knife and   sword for the past 20 years   grinding blades. His   craftsman background started   in armor making and progressed into casting, mold making and heat treating. His knowledge with sheet metal work has made it easy to transition into prop armor and costuming. He has been working with the Freelancers as their jousting armorer for 17 years and has a background in Martial Arts and the SCA. Bill is a contributing smith on both the MAN AT ARMS television and Youtube series.

Website: http://imakeswords.com/

Anime USA 2017 Special Event

Maid Cafe Reservations

Over the past few years, we've noticed that the lines for the ultra-popular My Cup of Tea Maid Café have been getting progressively longer. And why shouldn't they? Our hard-working maids go above and beyond to give their Masters and Princesses the best experience they can! We hate to turn away anyone looking to enjoy our Maid Café, and this year, we've come up with a way for you to guarantee a seat, skip the lines and get some really neat perks in the process: Introducing MoePass+!

MoePass+ works like a flexible reservation system. At both the Maid Café Meet & Greet on Thursday evening, or at the café itself starting Friday morning, you can purchase a MoePass+ and select a time period you'd like to come back and be seated at the Café. The passes cost $5.00 for just about any party size, and come with the following benefits:

– The pass is good for a full hour, so if you choose a 1:00PM time slot, you can arrive any time up until 1:59PM, go right to the MoePass+ line, and you'll be seated next! This way, if there's a panel you want to finish up, or if you're stuck in an autograph line, you don't have to worry about losing your spot.

– Once you're seated, and you turn your pass over to your maid, you'll get one free picture and game (a $8.00 value).

There are only 4 MoePass+ spots available for every 30 minute window, so if you're really eager to get a good spot at the café this year, make sure to show up to the Maid Café Meet & Greet on Thursday night!

If you can't make it on Thursday, just head to the Café at any time, and a hostess will gladly take care of your reservation.

Anime USA is Recruiting Public Safety Staff

You Can Be a Part of the

ANIME USA 2017 Team!

Anime USA is recruiting Public Safety Staff for our convention from 8 Dec to 10 Dec at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington, DC. Duties will include, but not be limited to:
  1. Patrolling (monitoring convention areas & all hallways to enforce convention rules)
  2. Badge check (posting outside function rooms or entrances to hallways to ensure only Anime USA attendees enter)
  3. Enforcing signs designating no cameras, no bags or large coats, no audio recording, etc, where applicable
  4. Line wrangling (making sure attendees waiting to enter functions are standing and entering the function in an orderly manner)
  5. Wristband Check (for adult only functions, assuring only attendees who are over eighteen with a valid wristband and Anime USA badge are admitted).
**Those that have staffed public safety, security, or have experience in other such departments at other conventions should list what conventions they worked at, and what ranks they held**

***This position requires excellent customer service skills.  Positive customer interactions are required***

Please send an email to Public Safety at publicsafety@animeusa.org for more information about the position or to apply to be on our 2017 staff.


Regular: $66
Child: $33
Silver: $91
Sponsor: $150
Join Anime USA
Anime USA's host hotel is the Washington Marriott Wardman Park.

Rooms are $167 a night plus tax.

There will be a non-refundable $50 deposit for each room.
Reserve a Room


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