Tuesday, October 13, 2015

PR: Game On Comics is closing.

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Game On is changing direction
Dear Mike,

I'm writing to let you know that as of October 31st, Game On Comics will be shifting it's format from the current brink-and-mortar storefront in Vienna to a customized online and delivery service.  We will continue to provide the same personalized service to all of our subscribers...we will just bring the store to you now!

While we would have liked to stay on in Vienna, the lack of walk-in traffic in our current location turned out to be a deterrent to growing our business, and ultimately, keeping the storefront open. On one hand, it is sad for us because this is our first store, and we have had a great time hanging out in this space and getting to know our customers here.  On the other hand, we are excited about the direction we're going and the opportunities this change affords us all as a whole.  

So what does this mean for you as Game On Comics subscribers? Well, aside from not having to come to Vienna to pick up your comics, pretty much everything will stay the same for you.  You can still update your pull list through our website, email, or phone.  We will also send out the updates on the upcoming issues so you know what's coming out soon, same as normal.   

In addition, because our costs of doing business will be adjusted, we can now offer EVERY subscriber a 25% discount on your titles.  We will deliver or mail your comics on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis for a $5.95 delivery fee.  We will simply charge your credit card on file and send out whenever you like.

***THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR RESPONSE***  Because comic books are ordered 2 months in advance, I need to know now who plans on keeping their subscriptions.  PLEASE CLICK "Take this Survey" to let me know so that I can make the appropriate updates.


As for the physical store:
  • Store hours will remain the same until close on Oct. 31st
  • Our Magic the Gathering events will continue for 3 more events, then will discontinue
  • Dungeons and Dragons Encounters can continue until we close
  • Starting today, the store will be having a BIG SALE--look for updates on product sales
  • All items in the store are now 40% off except new comics
  • New comics, and comics in your box, will be at 25% off
  • All Back Issues are $1
  • All of our Rental Games are 75% off retail

Subscribers, please keep in mind that your comics will not change.  As a matter of fact my service to you will only get better because I will be more available to you via phone/email. Some of you will even see an increase in your discount rate!  In the meantime, will be working hard to open up another location, in a better spot!

Thank you for your patronage and for your support for Game On Comics.  I sincerely appreciate everything that all of you have done.  Please keep in mind that Game On still wants to provide great, customized, personalized service to you.  By continuing with us, you will help build a better store for us all to enjoy!  


Louis Meyer
Game On! Comics

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