Monday, February 23, 2015

Carolyn Belefski's Curls book Kickstarter

Curls: The Ultimate Book Collection

"I hope you'll join me in supporting Carolyn's Kickstarter. Because I really want to see what a really talented goofball does with 90 Billion dollars."
-- Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac - 2010 Reuben Award)
for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year

"This collection is what kickstarter was made for. Carolyn is able to bring to life her ideas in a way that is both charming and funny with the compliment of beautiful art and skill. I love this strip and am so happy to see it finally collected. It's about time!"
-- Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Jonah Hex, Painkiller Jane, Power Girl)

"'Curls' is a thoroughly engaging comic that positively brims with joy and warmth. Strip by strip, Carolyn Belefski constructs a magical world of animal (and toast!) friendships that feels, well, utterly believable -- proof that the cartoonist has the rich imagination to pull off this sleight of hand and heart. Raise a (large) toast to the world of Curls!"
-- Michael Cavna ("Comic Riffs" Columnist/Cartoonist, The Washington Post)

"The expressions, movement and attitude in Carolyn Belefski's characters resonate because she's somehow created a line that is at once deft, fun, innocent and sexy."
-- Nick Galifianakis (The Washington Post)

I've just put my money in.

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