Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Richard Thompson blurbs Rip Haywire

I just read my copy of Dan Thompson's graphic novel Rip Haywire and the Curse Of Tangaroa! (based on his comic strip which doesn't run in the Post) and was surprised to see local cartoonist Richard Thompson quoted on the back:

"Derring-do is in short supply on the comics pages these days and square-jawed heroes are scarce. I'm glad we have Rip Haywire, who's square jaw almost overwhelms his head, and
that he's got the luscious Cobra and the bewildered TNT with him. In the Curse of Tangaroa, their adventures are far-flung and far-fetched, with weird flashbacks that lurch into other
strips entirely, including one like Peanuts but with explosions. Dan Thompson's loving satire of the classic adventure strip is a demented delight."
—Richard Thompson ( Cul De Sac, and Richard's Poor Almanac )

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