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PR: Alterna Comics and Rafer Roberts present PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL TPB

Alterna Comics and Rafer Roberts present PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL TPB

A revised edition of the critically acclaimed underground comic book series PLASTIC FARM to be released through Alterna.

Alterna Publisher Peter Simeti and Plastic Farm creator Rafer Roberts have announced that a new revised edition of PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL will be released through Alterna Comics in June 2011 and can be found in Diamond's April Previews catalog, order code APR110754. "Sowing Seeds" is the first volume in the epic PLASTIC FARM comic book series about a man who is losing his mind and how that madness reshapes reality in many strange, terrifying and hilarious ways.

To celebrate this new edition, creator Rafer Roberts has gone back into these early works and digitally cleaned up much of the artwork and re-lettered a large portion of the comic."I didn't know what I was doing early on," says Roberts. "Most of the lettering in the early issues was pretty terrible and mostly unreadable and I saw this team-up with Alterna as the perfect opportunity to correct some my youthful ignorance." Roberts sates that he spent "about a month doing new hand-lettering for the book. There's at least 100 pages with new lettering, which works out to be about a third of the book." Roberts laughs when thinking about the process. "This process about killed my wrist, but seeing the final product, I can say it was absolutely worth it."

Aside from an obvious facelift, the edition being released through Alterna will boast 352 pages in black and white with an affordable price tag of $19.99.
Alterna has been publishing creator-owned titles since 2006 and PLASTIC FARM will be no exception to that rule. With a line-up of more than 30 graphic novels in 5 years, Alterna has one of the largest libraries of creator-owned work for a small press publisher. The partnership with Alterna will allow for wider distribution and visibility for PLASTIC FARM.

"I'm ecstatic about partnering with Peter and Alterna", says Roberts. "I've long admired the other books they've put out, like AMERICAN TERROR and THE CHAIR, and to be part of this team is a thrill."Simeti echoed Roberts' comments, "Rafer has been great to work with and I couldn't be happier about having PLASTIC FARM as the second addition to our Partnership Program. We've already had a lot of success with Jeff McComsey's FUBAR as our initial selection for the program and I feel strongly that we'll repeat that success with PLASTIC FARM. It's a great book with a compelling story – what more could you want?"

PLASTIC FARM has been described as "A really strange, really engrossing good comic book" by CEREBUS creator Dave Sim and as "An epic descent into madness and, not coincidentally, hilarity" by Rob Vollmar, the Eisner nominated author of CASTAWAYS and BLUESMAN.

PLASTIC FARM began publication in 2000 as a series of mini-comics and has been published in print and online. PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL is written and mostly drawn by Rafer  Roberts, and features artwork from Danielle Corsetto (Girls With Slingshots), Dennis Culver (ONI's TRUE TALES OF ROLLER DERBY), Dave Morgan, Wendi Strang-Frost (JOHNNY PUBLIC, ELFQUEST) and Jake Warrenfeltz (MAGIC BULLET, TRICKSTER).

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