Thursday, April 07, 2011

David Hagen's Carrot Ride featured in today's Express

David Hagen's Carrot Ride is the illustration featured in today's Express highlighting an Artomatic show at National Airport.

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David Hagen said...

Thanks for mentioning it, Mike!
I thought the caption was priceless!
"David Hagen's Carrot Ride is part of an Artomatic exhibit at Reagan National Airport...You don't need a ticket to attend the exhibition...which features a large painting of a bunny riding a carrot. Sure, there are other works, but this is a bunny! Riding a carrot! Look at his little bunny face. We're sure the other art is nice, but there's probably only one piece that features a bunny riding a carrot. And what is art? Art is a bunny. Riding a carrot."
I think I might have to make up t-shirts, "Art is a bunny. Riding a carrot."