Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nick Bertozzi and Jason Little at Big Planet Comics

Nick Bertozzi and Jason Little's trip down from New York City to visit Big Planet Comics went well. Local cartoonists turned out including David Hagen, Jim Dougan, Matt Dembicki as well as comics bloggers Comicsgirl and Randy T. Signed copies of their new books should still be available in the store.

101_0212 Bennett  Bertozzi Pollack and Little

Big Planet Comics' Greg Bennett, Nick Bertozzi, Big Planet Comics' Joel Pollack and Jason Little.

101_0209 Jason Little

Jason Little drawing Bee.

101_0208  Bertozzi and Little

Nick Bertozzi looking for a spot to sign the Act-I-Vate anthology while Jason Little inks his Bee sketch.

More pictures are here.

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