Tuesday, February 22, 2011

latebreaking Harvey Pekar: Conversations review

I was just sent a review of a book I edited a couple of years ago -

Harvey Pekar: Conversations

Jordana Hall
Shofar (Winter 2011; 29:2), p. 190-192

- in which Ms. Hall says in conclusion, "To those unfamiliar with American Splendor, Conversations is an excellent introduction to the comics and their creator. To fans of Pekar's work, the book provides insight into the author, his personal tastes, and his creative process. What is more, the conversations with his artist collaborators offer an inside look at the entire production process. Taken together the twenty-one interviews are informative and entertaining, with humorous outbursts from Joyce Brabner, who also gets her say in the later pieces. Harvey Pekar: Conversations is an important book for any scholar or enthusiast of comics."

Ahhh. Thank you Ms. Hall.

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