Thursday, January 10, 2019

Comics Research Bibliography 2018 print edition volumes and ebook available for order

Over 1200 pages long with more than 9,000 new entries, this is a bibliography of articles and books on all aspects of comic and cartoon art including comic books, comic strips, cartoons, animation, editorial cartoons, newly updated as of the end of 2018. It is based on the format used by John Lent in his ten-volume bibliography. Both the two volume print and the single file electronic book include tens of thousands of citations with links to information on comic book movies, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Danish Islam cartoon controversy and other topical matters. In the e-book, many citations are hot-linked to the web publication for ease of use.

Here's part of a sample entry (the * indicates a new entry for this edition):

                        DC Comics / National Periodical Publications

  Adegoke, Yinka. 2010. Warner Bros moving some DC Comics jobs to Hollywood. Reuters (September 21):

  Atchinson, Lee. 2003. DC's Marketing Doyenne: Patty Jeres. Sequential Tart (January)

  Bolle, Sonja. 1985. DC's 50th anniversary celebrates old favorites and new ideas. Publishers Weekly 228(Dec 6):40.

  Borsellino, Mary. 2007. Interview with a DC Editor: Jeanine Schaefer. Sequential Tart (October 1):

  Brady, Matt. 2006. Dan Didio, A 2006 Look Back [DC Comics]. Newsarama (December 13):

  Brady, Matt. 2008. SDCC 08: From Paul Levitz's Point of View [DC Comics]. Newsarama (August 11):

  *Campbell, Josie. 2012. "American Idol's" Chris Daughtry Partners With DC's We Can Be Heroes Charity. Comic Book Resources (May 31):

  Cavna, Michael. 2010. Comic-Con 2010: DC's Dan Didio talks Superman, Wonder Woman & why he loves fan interaction. Washington Post Comic Riffs blog (July 22):

To order the books:

Volume 2 covers Volume 2 covers Animation, Caricature, and Gag and Political Cartoons in the United States, as well as Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia & Oceania, Central & South America and the Caribbean. $27 at

Table of Contents (highlights only)




Introduction                                                                                                                  v

United States

1.    Comic Books and Strips                                                                                 002

2.    Comic Books                                                                                                   015

·         BUSINESS ASPECTS - Publishers, Companies                                023

·         BUSINESS ASPECTS -            Distribution, Sales                                        062

·         COMIC BOOK MAKERS AND THEIR WORKS                                      140

·         CHARACTERS AND TITLES                                                                 337

3.    Comic Strips                                                                                                   540

·         CHARACTERS AND TITLES                                                                 547

·         Cartoonists                                                                                          618

3a. Web Comics, webcomics                                                                         673



4.     Animation, Caricature, and Gag and Political Cartoons                            682

4a. Comic Art                                                                                                 683

4b. Gag, Illustrative, Magazine Cartoons                                                    695

·         New Yorker magazine                                                                 696

4c. Animation                                                                                                 755

·         Animators and Their Works                                                        765

·         Characters and Titles                                                                  778

·         Companies, Networks, and Studios                                           884

4d. Caricature                                                                                                            894

4e. Political Cartoons                                                                                                904

·         Feiffer, Jules                                                                          918

Canada                                                                                                                        965

Global & Europe                                                                                                         984

·         Danish Islamic Cartoons - Religion & Censorship Controversy           985

·         Charlie Hebdo massacre                                                                          1011

·         Belgium                                                                                                    1029

·         France                                                                                                       1040

·         Great Britain                                                                                            1079

Africa                                                                                                                          1146

Middle East                                                                                                                 1155

Asia                                                                                                                             1168

·         India                                                                                                         1176

·         Japan                                                                                                        1183

Australia and Oceania                                                                                               1232

Central and South America                                                                                      1241

Caribbean                                                                                                                   1249


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