Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Shannon Gallant debuts in Beano!

From his Facebook page (with permission):

To my peeps in England, if you're out and about, today is the day my first work appears in the classic kid magazine Beano!  [Beano has been around for] 80 years! Yep, my first work for them! Unless they wise up, i should be on it for a little bit anyway. Thanks to my pal Ned Hartley I've been given the chance to earn my GB street cred! [I'm doing] the oddly named Tricky Dicky. He pulls pranks all the time. The red haired kid in the bottom right hand corner is from one of my strips in the mag. Ned writes Banana Man for them. Some peeps might remember that character from the cartoons they broadcast on Nickelodeon back when they also aired Danger Mouse circa 1983 (+/-).

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