Sunday, October 15, 2017

SPX 2017 panels continue arriving on YouTube

SPX 2017 Panel - Architecture Of A Page

Moderator J. A. Micheline chats with four cartoonists–Tillie Walden, Sloane Leong, Iasmin Omar Ata, and Chris Kindred–to discuss their thought processes when it comes to page layouts, how structure can contribute to emotional content, and their major influences/go-to inspirations when constructing a page.

SPX 2017 Panel - Spinning With Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden, in her short cartooning career, has created some stunning, critically acclaimed stories. Her unconventional science fiction webcomic, "On a Sunbeam," was recently nominated for an Eisner for Best Digital Comic. Tillie's newest project, "Spinning," from First Second, focuses on her decade spent in competitive figure skating. This emotional graphic memoir, along with her other works and influences, is the topic of conversation for a very special panel moderated by comics historian and SPX executive director, Warren Bernard.

SPX 2017 Panel - Eleanor Davis and Jillian Tamaki in Conversation

Jillian Tamaki (Boundless) and Eleanor Davis (You And A Bike And The Road) are two of our generation's greatest cartoonists. Both create beautiful imagery while telling incredibly poignant stories which are thoughtful and evocative. The cartoonists talk in-depth about their storytelling approach, inspiration, and process. Moderated by Jim Rugg.

SPX 2017 Panel - Emil Ferris: My Favorite Thing Is Monsters

SPX is proud to feature cartoonist Emil Ferris in a rare east coast appearance. Her book, My Favorite Thing is Monsters from Fantagraphics, has garnered a lot of positive attention in the comics community and beyond. Legendary comics creator Art Spiegelman even dubbed her "one of the most important cartoonists of our time." Washington Post columnist Michael Cavna sits with Emil for an intimate discussion about her breakthrough debut graphic novel, being diagnosed with West Nile, and–of course–monsters.

SPX 2017 Panel - World Building From Reality

Compelling environments, idiosyncratic details, atmospheric flourishes. The ability to build worlds is often discussed with genre/fantasy stories, but what role does it play for adult comics grounded in reality? Ethan Rilly (Pope Hats), Gabrielle Bell (Everything is Flammable), Lauren Weinstein (Normal Person) and Chris W. Kim (Herman by Trade) discuss their personal approaches to building convincing worlds and evoking a strong sense of place. Moderated by Whit Taylor.

SPX 2017 Panel - Koyama & DeForge: Lose, Everyone Wins

For nearly a decade, Annie Koyama (Koyama Press) and Michael DeForge (Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero) have been wowing readers with their strange and darkly humorous, ongoing anthology series, Lose. This special conversation with a celebrated, master cartoonist and an award-winning publisher offers an insightful look at one of small press publishing's greatest partnerships. Moderated by Ryan Sands.

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