Saturday, August 12, 2017

PR: Meet Space Riders artist Alexis Ziritt & Calexit writer Matt Pizzolo this Saturday!

This Saturday 8/12/17 at Third Eye Annapolis

Creators behind hit indie series like

Meet Matt Pizzolo (Young Terrorists, Calexit) & Alexis Ziritt (Space Riders, Tarantula) this Saturday!

First 25 in line get a free surprise gift limited to this event!


We're huge fans of the indie maverick publishing powerhouse BLACK MASK COMICS, and when we had the chance to bring two of our favorite folks known for their killer work at Black Mask to Third Eye – we had to jump at it!

In support of the incredible new Black Mask series, CALEXIT, series writer MATT PIZZOLO (who many of you know from his incredible work on projects like GODKILLER, YOUNG TERRORISTS and more) and CALEXIT Third Eye cover artist ALEXIS ZIRITT (who many of you know from his incredible series SPACE RIDERS!) will be helping us kick off CALEXIT in style!

This new series is a cutting edge dystopian sci-fi masterpiece that will remind you of '80s cult movie favorites like ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK thrown into a blender with late '90s Vertigo gold like TRANSMETROPOLITAN!

Pure awesome all the way through, CALEXIT is a must-read, and we highly recommend you check it out, and come get it signed by Matt and Alexis on 8/12/17!

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