Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Kickstarter from J. Robert Deans

Crass Fed Kids and Shakes the Cow Return With TWO New Books!

CFK returns with TWO new children's books! Shakes the Cow and the Bear From AUNT go racing in their latest adventures!


About this project

HI!  My name is J. Robert Deans, basically known online as "That Penguin Guy."  About two years ago, I ran a campaign to start a new series of children's books, CRASS FED KIDS, with the printing of MOO THOUSAND AND PUN.  MOO featured Shakes The Cow on an adventure in Space, and thanks to my wonderful 83 supporters, Shakes came to life!

Since then, I printed three more books using a preorder system to pay for printing. First was another Shakes adventure, TEMPLE OF MOO'D.  The other two books feature Stanley, The Bear From A.U.N.T., in the young reader spy adventures THE HONEY DON'T CASE and THE CASE OF THE PUSHY OCTOPUS.  When I wrote THE CASE OF THE PUSHY OCTOPUS, I combined the characters from both series when Shakes' friend Percie showed up to help Stanley during a mission under the sea.  (You can't read that without hearing Sebastian, can you?  Neither can I.)

My books.
My books.

My newest books, scheduled for release this Summer, tell one story, from two perspectives, for two different reader levels.  Shakes is a Formoola One racing driver in MOO FAST, MOO FURRYOUS, and in the latest Bear From A.U.N.T. book, Stanley and his friends investigate Formoola One race fraud in THE CASE OF THE CHICANE MUTINY.

The new books!
The new books!

(Yeah…I still like my puns.)



My campaign for MOO THOUSAND AND PUN included several bells and whistles, like prints and coloring books.  This time, my campaign simply covers printing a modest number of both new books.  Included with the cost of printing, taxes and fees, and shipping, are funds to advertise my catalog with libraries and bookstores across the world.  I will also print extra copies to send out packages to a few agents and publishers to begin the process of moooving Shakes and Stanley to a greater stage.  This will hopefully get me closer to being a full-time writer of puns.  And books.  Not just puns, I swear.

Printing the books will cost about $1500, with the remaining funds covering promotion, shipping, and Kickstarter fees.  Stretch Goals will be determined shortly, but extra funds raised will at the very least mean printing extra books (woohoo!).

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