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PR: SPX and Nickelodeon Announce a Call for Submissions at SPX 2015

When I got the notice on this today, I wasn't sure it was supposed to go to the whole world, but the Beat published about it so...

SPX and Nickelodeon Announce a Call For Submissions at SPX 2015

Dear Creative Creators,

We here at SPX Galactic HQ are psyched to finally let you know about an extremely cool addition to this year's show that we've been ever so quietly working on since last year.  We're extraordinarily pleased to announce that the one and only Nickelodeon will be coming to SPX 2015 -- and they're bringing a fantastic opportunity with them.

A Call For Submissions 

At this years show, Nickelodeon will be holding a Call For Submissions, where you will be able to pitch your ideas and one person will be selected that will see their idea made into a short animated cartoon.

You would get a chance to work with the Nickelodeon staff, where you would learn all about animated film production and be intimately involved during the entire process, a great learning experience!!!

This is especially exciting to us because a number of SPXers have gone from selling mini-comics at the show to working in the cartoon world, and this partnership with Nickelodeon will give many of you the exposure to possibly do just that.


The Nickelodeon Call For Submissions is open to SPX exhibitors from the last 4 years, all lottery entrants (whether you won the lottery or not!! OH BOY!!) and of course, all exhibitors who will grace us with their presence at SPX 2015.

Please read the enclosed note from Kevin Lee, our most excellent friend at Nickelodeon, for details about how to participate this amazing opportunity. There is a web link below that will have answers to many of your questions.

For sure, pitch away and we hope you are the one who is selected!!!

Best Of Luck,

Warren, Mike, Sam, Eden and the rest of the SPX Executive Committee


Hello from Nickelodeon Animation Development!!!
Nickelodeon is always looking for talented artists, writers, and creators from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.  We love and appreciate the great wealth of talent that SPX features and wanted to reach out in a big way to the SPX creator community! 
That is why we're so excited to announce that we will be taking pitches in-person at SPX 2015 for 2-3 minute shorts and will select one to produce.  We'll work directly with the creator/s to realize their characters, story, and world.  This is the fourth year of our shorts program and it's been a great way for us to try out new ideas and work with creators from all over the world.    
What should you expect if your pitch is selected?  As the creator, your job is to creatively oversee every aspect of your short – from design, writing, and storyboards, to casting, animation, editing, music and sound – to make sure your cartoon comes out the way you envisioned.  Our job is to provide all the necessary resources to execute your vision and help guide you through the process. 
Your short will be posted on, as well as on our free nick app – many are viewable right now.  Shorts are also considered for potential development for series.  In fact, several have gone into development and we have two series in production that were born from shorts. 
But before any of this can happen, you need to pitch us an idea!  All pitches need to be submitted via the website and in person at SPX.  Please review the guidelines and requirements on the site. 
More details and information to come.  Meanwhile, please take a look and feel free to get started.  If you have any questions please email Kevin at:
We look forward to seeing your ideas and meeting as many of you as we can while we're at SPX!  Thank you for your consideration and thanks especially to SPX for allowing us to reach out to all of you!
Kevin Sukho Lee
Creative Director
Nickelodeon Animation Development
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