Monday, July 13, 2015

PR: Comic Inspired play in Fairfax, Virginia: LETO LEGEND

From: Kristen LePine

I wanted to let you know about a comic inspired play happening at Fairfax's the Hub Theatre that I think your readership would love to see: LETO LEGEND.

LETO LEGEND is a comedy about contemporary and mythical superheroines. In the contemporary world, Charlie is a single 'lacrosse' mom striving to balance newfound success as a comic book creator with the demands of parenthood. In the mythical universe, Leto, a Titan goddess and mother to Artemis and Apollo, also deals with the dual demands of work and family. The play tackles how to navigate a work, artistic and family life and deal with interior and exterior judgement.

The production features an all-female cast including Valerie Fenton, Lolita Clayton, Katie Nigsch, Katie Jeffries, Audrey Bertaux, and Carolyn Kashner. Matt Nielson wrote original music for the show, and Cliff Williams choreographed the stage-combat. Yes, in a play about superheroines, there has to be a fight scene! The rest of the design team – Robbie Hayes, Johnathan Alexander, Deb Sivigny, and Suzanne Maloney – have created a bold comic-inspired world where the contemporary and mythical collide. Helen Pafumi, who has been a huge champion of this play since its genesis, is directing.
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The play runs from July 10 to August 2nd with performances 8pm on Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday. All Hub Theatre performances take place at the John Swayze Theatre at the New School of Northern Virginia, 9431 Silver King Court, Fairfax, VA 22031. 

Hope to see you at the show!
Kristen LePine, playwright
_____________________ - championing real and imagined heroines througout history
Mythical and contemporary super-heroines collide in LETO LEGEND premiering at the Hub Theatre in Fairfax, VA, July 10th-Aug 2nd. Purchase tickets.

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