Monday, July 14, 2014

July 19: Damian Wampler at Game On! Comics

Join us Saturday for a

Store Signing!

Damian Wampler
Creator of Sevara 

Saturday , JULY 19th from 12pm to 2pm!!
We will have copies of the book at the store for you to pick up and get signed by Damian! As well we will do giveaways of Sevara Posters and Trading cards for people that stop in!

What Sevara is about:
Sevara issue #0 is a 22 page full color comic book created by Damian Wampler, drawn by Andre Siregar, colored Anang Setyawan, and lettered by Steve Wands.
Sevara was a mortal girl, raised in an orphanage with no memory of her parents. A geneticist named Alta found Sevara and took her in, eventually giving her the secrets of immortality and shape-shifting. Together, they guided civilization towards peace. But after centuries of fighting, Alta's immortal warriors vowed to give up their memories and their powers so that humanity can hit the reset button. After a thousand year sleep, all of them keep their promise...except Sevara. 

ABOUT Damian Wampler:
Writer and Creator Damian Wampler: "I was born and raised across the street from the University of Delaware. My art is inspired by my cultural experiences traveling throughout Central Asia as an English teacher, researcher, and NGO development worker. I studied theater in college and wrote and produced my play, Twin Towers, in New York City in 2009, but when family life and overseas living made producing my next play Sevara impossible, I rewrote it as a comic book script and started searching for an artist and a publisher. Many years latter, here I am with the incredible talents of Andre Siregar and Anang Setyawan, and the generous support of Broken Icon Comics."
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