Saturday, May 10, 2014

'Batboy: The Musical' at 1st Stage in Tysons

Not sure this really fits as "comics," but it's weird enough that I think it falls under pop culture-comics inspired. What? You need a direct comics connection? Fine, both Peter Bagge and Daniel Coresetto drew the weekly comics strip "The Adventures of Batboy."

Now, on to the show, "Batboy: The Musical": 
"Ripped from the 1992 World Weekly News tabloid headline, Bat Boy:The Musical is both musical comedy/horror spoof and big-hearted satire on American prejudice. When a half boy/half bat creature is discovered in a cave near fictional Hope Falls, West Virginia, the local vet’s wife sets out to teach him the ways of civilization only to be thwarted by the colorful, narrow-minded, “civilized” townfolk who have something else in mind. In the tradition of Sophocles, Sondheim and South Park—with hints of Mary Shelly, Tim Burton and Mel Brooks—Bat Boy weaves a smart and playful pop/rock score with a crazy take on American eccentricities."

The show runs May 23-June 22 at 1st Stage at Tysons Corner, Va.

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