Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Update #17: BLOOP: Part One by Steve Conley

Project Update #17: Two more cartoonists announced!

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Three days to go and we're getting ever closer to our first stretch goal! I'm excited to announce the addition of two more contributions to the BLOOP jam print:
  • Zuzu by Nick Galifianakis: Nick is America's premiere relationship cartoonist and one of my oldest pals in cartooning. His latest book is If You Loved Me, You'd Think This Was Cute: Uncomfortably True Cartoons About You
  • Action Cat and Adventure Bug by Art Baltazar. Art is one of the nicest people I've ever met in comics and I love, love, love his work. Art, and his cohort Franco, recently opened their own comics shop called AW YEAH Comics.
Nick and Art join James A. Owen, Batton Lash, Andy Runton, Marty Baumann, Jamar Nicholas, Rich Faber, John Gallagher, Jimmy Gownley, Carolyn Belefski, Rick Veitch, Frank Cho, Dean Haspiel, Graham Nolan, Jerry Ordway and Scott Christian Sava!
These last three days will be exciting for sure! :D
-- Steve

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