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Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - June 15, 2012

Big Planet Comics

June 15, 2012

Free Role-Playing Game Day and Sale on Saturday!

Nick Abadzis added to our slew of great signing events this summer when he appeared at our Bethesda store last Saturday, if you missed it we have copies of his new Hugo Tate book available with hand-sketches inside!

This Saturday in our Vienna and College Park stores we will be celebrating Free Role-Playing Game Day with a bunch of free games and sample games to be given out! In our College Park store we will be having a sale on all our games, from 5% to 30% off! Come in to College Park and see what is on sale!

Also, to celebrate our 50th podcast on June 27, we will be having a live podcast, broadcast from our Vienna store at 8 pm, and you are all invited! If you want to come in and watch the podcast, and come up and add your comments or questions to the show, please do! We will have more information about it soon, but lock it in to your schedule!

June 16 - Free Role-Playing Game Day

Much like Free Comic Book Day, Free Role-Playing Game (RPG) Day is an annual event where publishers send us some cool stuff to give away free – adventures, modules, game samples, dice, and intro games! We'll have this free game stuff at both our Vienna and College Park stores all day, but we are only given a limited amount of items, so come in early if you want to be sure to get the ones you want! We'll have stuff for Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Dungeons&Dragons, dice, and more!

More info, including a list of everything we'll have, is at


Big Planet Comics of Vienna
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180


Big Planet Comics of College Park
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

Feel free to forward on our newsletter, and please send us any comments or mailing list requests to

- the Big Planet Comics kids


UPCOMING July 4 - Big Planet Comics 26th Anniversary Sale

In 1986, Big Planet Comics was born, so come celebrate 26 years with us on the 4th of July when we do our annual sale! All stores!

Since the 4th falls in the middle of the week this year, we may do even shorter hours than our normal holiday schedule, but we will let you know!


Siegfried 1 HC

by Alex Alice

The epic story of Siegfried comes to amazing life under the direction of Alex Alice, who manages to add a Disney-like flavor with the cartoony style of the Nibelung dwarves, and gorgeously lush art as Siegfried is prepared by the gods for his destiny to fight a massive dragon! Plus the book includes a huge section on the research behind the story and the preparation to turn it into an animated film. Amazing!

Spider-Men #1 (of 5)

by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli

What's cooler than the Amazing Spider-Man? A team-up with the great new Ultimate Spider-Man! Peter Parker is pulled into the Ultimate Universe, for the first crossover ever between the mainstream Marvel Universe! Peter finds himself in a world where he was killed and Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man! A great start!

Bad Medicine #1

by Nunzio DeFillipis, Christina Weir and Christopher Mitten

An ongoing series of strange science fiction experiments, with the first case running over 2 issues. A body is found with an invisible head! The disgraced (and possibly crazy) scientist who first worked on creating invisibility is called in to work with the U.S. government, as the possibility of an invisible murderer grows!

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1 (of 4)

by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner
The second Before Watchmen series is also written by Cooke but art by the awesome Conner! Silk Spectre tries to raise her daughter to follow in her footsteps even as she is affected by her mother's choices while trying to survive high school and have a normal life - even though she is training to be a superhero too!

The Massive #1

by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson

After the Earth's ecology shifts terribly, drowning coasts and ravaging international travel, one last eco-warrior ship travels the sea, searching for their companions lost on the giant freighter The Massive, while dodging pirates and slowly running out of fuel. A compelling adventure set in a vibrantly dangerous vision of near scifi future of ecological collapse with great art.

Planetoid #1

by Ken Garing

A space pirate crashlands on a strange alien world where technological monsters rampage through the wreckage of a fallen civilization. Silas must use all of his resources to survive and find out why his ship crashed, and perhaps find a way to escape. Great gritty art and adventure!

Spider-Man: The Graphic Novels HC

by Susan Putney, Gerry Conway, Charless Vess, Stan Lee, Bernie Wrightson, Alex Saviuk and Ross Andru
Some of the best Spider-Man graphic novels of the 1980s and 1990s are finally collected into an oversized hardcover! An amazing adventure in Scotland by Charles Vess, a trippy voyage to a magical realm, the history of Peter Parker and Mary Jane before they met and after, and fighting Nazis with Silver Sable! A great selection.

X-Men #30

by Brian Wood and David Lopez
The X-Men add another great book to their roster as Brian Wood takes over the writing duties and Storm leads her team on a mission without reporting a lot of secret details to Cyclops! Lopez's art makes this another winner.
American Vampire: Lord Of Nightmares #1 (Of 5)
AVX vs. #3 (Of 6)
Battle Scars SC
Batwoman Vol 1 Hydrology HC
Boys Vol 11 Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand SC
Conan The Barbarian #5
Dancer #2
Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol 2 HC
Days Of Destruction, Days Of Revolt HC
DC Comics Presents Superman Adventures #1 SC
Deathlok Nightmare Of Collins HC
Dungeons & Dragons Classics Vol 3 SC
Invincible #92
Justice SC
Kevin Keller #3
Loxleys And The War Of 1812 HC
Night Of 1000 Wolves #2 (Of 3)
Orc Stain Vol 1 SC New Ptg
The Phoenix #4
Prince Valiant Vol 5 1945-1946 HC
Saucer Country #4
Seven Soldiers Of Victory Vol 02 (Of 2) SC
The Spider #2
Sunday Funnies Collected Vol 02
Tiny Titans: Growing Up Tiny SC
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Bendis Vol 2 HC

Big Planet Comics Podcast #48
Kevin, Nick and Jared play with sound effects, eat some cake, and review all the new comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!
Bad Medicine #1 by Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir and Christopher Mitten
Bad Medicine #2 by Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir and Christopher Mitten
Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1 (of 4) by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner
The Massive #1 by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson
Planetoid #1 by Ken Garing
Siegfried HC by Alex Alice
Spider-Men #1 (of 5) by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli
X-Men #30 by Brian Wood and David López

Send us questions to or leave a voicemail at 1-703-539-CAST! (1-703-539-2278)

6/16 - Free RPG Day
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

7/4 - 20% off Sale
All stores!

7/28 - Matt Dembicki
Signing Xoc
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740

Signing Xoc
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

New Next Week 6/20

(Let us know if you want any of these!)
Adventure Time #5
Alabaster Wolves #3 (Of 5)
Angel & Faith Vol 1 Live Through This SC
Avengers Academy #32 AVX
Avengers Vs X-Men #2 (Of 12) 4th Ptg
Avengers Vs X-Men #6 (Of 12)
Avenging Spider-Man #8 Ends
Baltimore Dr Leskovar's Remedy #1 (Of 2)
Batman Beyond Unlimited #5
Batwoman #10
Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 (Of 6)
Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 (Of 6) Combo Pack
Birds Of Prey #10
Blue Beetle #10
BPRD Hell On Earth Devils Engine #2 (Of 3)
Buck Rogers In 25th Century Sundays Vol 2 1933 HC
Captain Atom #10
Casanova Avaritia #4 (Of 4)
Catwoman #10
Challengers Of The Unknown Omnibus By Kirby HC
Chew #27 2nd Ptg
Complete Flash Gordon Library Vol 1 On Planet Mongo HC
Crossed Badlands #8
Daredevil #14
Dark Avengers #176
Dark Horse Presents #13
Dark Tower Gunslinger Man In Black #1
Darkness #104
DC Universe Presents #10
Dejah Thoris & White Apes Of Mars #3
Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child #4
Jim Butcher Dresden Files Fool Moon #6
Elephantmen #40
Fables #118
First Wave SC
Frankenstein Agent Of Shade Vol 1 War Monsters SC
Ghostbusters #10
GI Joe A Real American Treasury Edition
Glory #27
Godzilla #2
Green Lantern Corps #10
Grim Leaper #2 (Of 4)
Hardcore #1 2nd Ptg
Hellblazer #292
Hellblazer Vol 3 The Fear Machine SC New Edition
Higher Earth #2
Hulk #54
Into The Volcano SC
Invincible Iron Man #519
Invincible Iron Man Vol 9 Demon HC
Johnny Red Vol 2 Red Devil Rising HC
Journey Into Mystery #640
Judge Dredd Digest: Cursed Earth Saga SC
Judge Dredd Digest: The Day The Law Died SC
Kung Fu Panda #6 (Of 6)
Legion Of Super Heroes #10
Liberty Meadows Sunday Collected 1 HC
Los Angeles Ink Stains Vol 1 SC
Lost Dogs GN
Mad Magazine #516
Marathon GN
Mars Attacks #1
Mars Attacks Classics Vol 1 SC
Marvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes #3
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Reader #2 SC
Memorial #6 (Of 6)
Merciless Rise Of Ming #2
Meskin Out Of The Shadows SC
Mickey Mouse Vol 3 Noon Inferno Gulch HC
Nancy In Hell On Earth #3 (Of 4)
Near Death #9
New Avengers #27 AVX
New Mutants #44
New York Mon Amour HC
Next Men Aftermath #44
Nightwing #10
Planet Of The Apes #15
Punisher #12
Ragemoor #4
Rebel Blood #4 (Of 4)
Red Hood And The Outlaws #10
Reed Gunther #10
Rio HC
Saga #4
Secret Avengers #28 AVX
The Secret History Of DB Cooper #4
The Shadow #3
Silver Surfer Rebirth Of Thanos SC New Ptg
Simpsons Comics #191
Slam Dunk Vol 22 SC
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #14
Roger Langridge's Snarked #9
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol 18 SC
Spider-Man Trouble On Horizon HC
Spider-Men #1 (Of 5) 2nd Ptg
Star Wars Darth Vader Ghost Prison #2 (Of 5)
Star Wars Dawn Of The Jedi #5 Force Storm
Static Shock Vol 1 Supercharged SC
Supergirl #10
Team Cul De Sac HC
TMNT Micro Series #5 Splinter
Trinity: A Graphic History Of The First Atomic Bomb SC
The Twelve Vol 2 HC
Uncanny X-Men #14 AVX
Unwritten #38
Venom #19
Walking Dead #99
Winter Soldier #7
Wolverine #308
Wonder Woman #10
Wonderland Alphabet Alice's Adventure HC
X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan Vol 4 HC
X-Factor #238
X-Men: X-Club SC
Young Justice #17
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