Friday, May 13, 2011

John Gallagher's The Comic Book Diner Project at Kickstarter

Local cartoonist John Gallagher is starting a Kickstarter project (and I'll be contributing when I get home tonight) -
You have a chance to help publish an exciting new Graphic Novel Collection premiering in Baltimore!!! Via Kickstarter.Com-- The Comic Book Diner Project is a 3 book boxed set of graphic novels by Harvey Award nominees John Gallagher and Rich Faber, as well as Glyph and Yalsa nominee Jamar Nicholas. Featuring Buzzboy, Roboy Red, and Leon: Protector of the Playground, each book is 96 pages, full color, and part of a boxed set which will premiere in Baltimore at the Comic-Con that is truly about comics. Anyone ordering books through the funding program at Kickstarter will get signed books, sketches, and possibly original art-- some backers can even get DRAWN INTO A STORY! Anyone who decides to pick up the books at the Baltimore Comic-Con will get a one of a kind DVD with Jamar, Rich & John's Comic Book Diner podcast, as well as digital pdf's of the three books.

Please check out the video and project overview at:

John Gallagher

Randy Tischler
Baltimore Comic-Con Executive Staff

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