Sunday, October 10, 2010

Right wing blogosphere notices Ted Rall interview

A few weeks ago I interviewed Ted Rall about his new manifesto prior to his local appearance.

The interview's being negatively noticed by the right now, although honestly, I think Rall's so far to the left that he's curving around to meet the right on this issue. I like Ted personally, but we're agreeing to disagree on this book.

Radical Cartoonist Ted Rall, Off the Deep End: New Book Calls for Violent Overthrow of the Government
By Tim Graham's Tim Graham blog 10/09/2010

This next one misses the point that Rall's just calling for revolution of any sort, although he would prefer a Marxist one.

Is America Ready for a Marxist Dictator?
by Donald May's Mr. Conservative blog 2010-10-10

And I am ashamed to admit that Graham found a local interview that I missed -

Man Of Action: Ted Rall, 'The Anti-American Manifesto,' Buboys (sic) and Poets
Written by Express contributor Roxana Hadadi
Express September 27, 2010

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