Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bruce Guthrie on the Norman Rockwell exhibit @ American Art

Bruce Guthrie has sent in his thoughts on the new exhibit about Norman Rockwell.This is a little off-topic, but probably still of interest to our readers

I did a staff tour of the Norman Rockwell exhibit that opens on Friday (I think). There's a decent video for it, a good variety of preliminary work and final oils, helpful signage, etc.  No photography is allowed in the exhibit of course.

There's a study cart available some times where you'll be able to pose people with props in front of a Saturday Evening Post backdrop.  That takes a while to set up -- they want to teach you about posing "in the Rockwell way" -- but people did some creative group shots.

The exhibit including film takes about 45 minutes to go through.  They have crowd control for lines -- you have to queue through the courtyard and they're expecting lots of visitors.  They're also planning for lines outside the building before the museum opens in the morning.

There's a big opening with Lucas and Spielberg Thursday night for donors at the $5k level.  I wasn't eligible for that, but it would have been fun.  For that event only, they're building four sets in the courtyard -- a little school house, a diner, a barber shop, and ... something else -- to recreate Rockwell's Americana.

The exhibit's there for about 6 months.  See it!

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