Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beyond Comics cracks down on scofflaw subscribers

And who can blame them? I never let my box go longer than 2 weeks - it adds up for the store owner. From their newsletter:

Delinquent Subscription Notification

To all subscribers delinquent in picking up your subscription, we ask that you please get caught up by the end of March.

Due to the tight economic conditions we have no choice but to begin to enforce some of our rules regarding subscriptions. While we have been exceedingly lenient over the last several years, we are no longer in the position to hold comics over any extended period of time unless the entirety of the subscription is purchased at pick up. What this means is that we can no longer store comics to be purchased "eventually." To this end, we are giving our subscribers (who have not made prior arrangements) until the end of March to clear out all of the old comics or we will take one or more of the following actions; loss of subscriber benefits, removal of comics, or suspension of subscription.

This applies to specialty items as well as comics. If you have been having us hold merchandise for you please make the effort to pick it up.

If you are one of our subscribers who have already made other arrangements to pick up your comics on a different schedule, we do not anticipate any change in service.

Additional Subscription Notices
If you are not sure whether you are currently subscribing to a title you want, please let us know and we will add it.

We have been finding subscription comics returned to the shelves and would like to take this time to point out that we order many of our non-returnable comics based on subscription numbers. If you no longer want to get a comic please inform us and we will remove it from your pull list. Do be aware that changes to your sub can affect some of you subscription benefits.

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