Monday, December 24, 2007

Dec 28: Big Planet Vienna CBLDF fundraising party

Randy T sends along this missive

Just a reminder we are closed on Christmas, and will be getting new books on FRIDAY this week because of the holiday. So we’ll be open 11-7 Wed and Thurs, but 11-8 on Friday when the new comics come in.

PLUS: We will also be hosting a special party Friday from 5 to 8 pm for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The Fund is a non-profit that supports the First Amendment and raises money and legal assistance for comic book creators and retailers who are unfairly targeted by people who often think that “comics are just for kids.”

Their website is if you want to read more about some of the outrageous cases they’ve had to fight against.

CBLDF members will get an additional 10% off anything they buy during the party, and the first 50 members will also get a free gift bag with lots of limited stuff, and Big Planet will donate 10% of the proceeds during that time to the fund. (You can also sign up to be a member during the party - a yearly membership is only $25.) Plus, the party will be hosted by former Big Planet Vienna manager, and now CBLDF Fundraising Manager, Elizabeth Schreck!

Have a good break, and see you all later this week!

Jared Smith

Big Planet Comics - Vienna

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