Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Detroit Free Press picks up Cul de Sac

Richard Thompsons's added another paper. See "Quirky new comic has fan in 'Calvin and Hobbes' creator," Detroit Free Press November 5, 2007.

And he's been named by Tom Spurgeon on Comicsreporter.com as the Potential Breakout Cartoonist of 2008.


richardcthompson said...

"Quirky" is the new "edgy".

Matt D. said...

Ha! When I read it, "quirky" stuck out for me! What does it mean (in terms of comics)? Really, 90% of today's comic strips can be dubbed "quirky" (or edgy) but are they funny--that's what counts. Frankly, I don't think they are, so "Cul de Sac" should quickly rise to the top. (Fame, MetLife deals, holiday cartoon specials, etc.)

That's also a really nice comment for Watterson. I'd have the entire thing engraved in wood and nail it on front door of my townhouse.