Sunday, September 24, 2006

Exhibit, thru Sept 30: Drawing Back - worldwide political cartoons

Provisions Library on Dupont Circle
Provisions presents a two-part cartoon exhibition that features complimentary critiques of American policy viewed through foreign editorial cartoons and local resistance poster art.

Why Do They Hate US?
Views from the international media. A survey exhibition drawn from the work of more than 35 editorial cartoonists from around the world.

Political Posters by Mike Flugennock
Views from the street. Political Resistance cartoon posters by DC's own maverick artist.

Drawing Back also features a full series of accompanying public programs including a cartoon film series of rare historical andbiographical films on cartoonists and alternative comics; a panel of editorial newspaper cartoonists and a one-day workshop and masterclass with renowned cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher (KAL).

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